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Free Initial Assessment

To begin your family history journey, you will need to tell us what you already know about your ancestors so we can assess if further research is possible. We will assess the information provided to determine if the research project is feasible based on the level of detail provided and the availability of records.

This initial assessment is free.

Family History Report

A Family History Report is based on one branch of your family tree. It will trace the history of your ancestor through civil, church, census and land records, and give information on the history of the local area. The report will also describe the social history of the period so that their lives can be better understood. 

A Family History Report costs €225 and includes up to four civil records. Payment is made through PayPal.

Additional Research

Having begun researching your family's past, you may require additional research to be completed on any aspect of your family history.

Additional research is priced at €35 per hour.

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